When fear takes charge

Had a really disturbing situation last week. The disturbing part of it was that each party involved acted out of fear. All of us, too easily, assumed the worst of the other. We didn’t communicate directly. Each party interpreted that silence, or lack of direct communication, as “proof” that he/she is out to get me. And it blew up in our faces.

My normal approach is to always deal with things heads on. My normal approach would’ve been to talk to this person first.

Due to some quirk, string of events that required immediate attention, and various events that’ve played out in the past, I just let it be. I didnt say or do anything. The other person interpreted this as “proof” that I’m directly involved and intentionally “out to get him”.  On my part, since this particular task wasn’t directly in my line of work, or responsibility, I let it be. I didnt get involved. Instead I saw this others person’s approach – to approach what seemed like various other people – as “proof” that he’s out to get me.


Stupid tangles.

That could’ve  and should’ve been avoided.

But everyone involved just assumed the worst, and got things even more tangled.

What does that say about us?

That we’re so insecure and susceptible to fear.


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