What’s stopping you from asking?

question“Ask and ye shall recieve”.

And yet we seldom do.

We try to live in a self contained cocoon. We assume everyone else “should” understand, know. We expect them to give us the right answers, for questions we’ve never asked. We expect them to do things for us, we never even requested. And then we feel let down, misunderstood.

What’s the hesitation in just asking?

In asking for help. Is it fear? Fear of being let down? Fear of rejection? Fear of appearing weak?

In asking for respect. Fear that you’re not worthy of it? Fear that you’ll come across as pompous, self centered? Fear that you’ll be misunderstood?

In asking for information. Fear that you’ll sound stupid? That you should’ve known?

If put aside your fear, and just ask, you never know, you might get lucky. You might just get that help, respect, info, consideration, love, appreciation – and whatever else you wanted.

Dont ask, and you never will.

Of course, asking comes with its own challenges. You need to make sure you ask the right questions. To the right people. And be willing to risk answers you may not like.

Worth it?


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