When I want to fly

And have to sit still

When the heart wants to soar

To celebrate

The sheer joy of being


That life just is

Soaring with a cloud

In the blue skies

Happy to feel the sun

Amazed at the shadows

Loving green

In all its shades

A small smile

On loosing an inch

A smile

From a child

From a stranger

A slice of apple pie

The perfect achar

A new job

A task completed

A job well done

A new flower

Interplay of red and white

Just being able to feel

Small things

That touch me

And make me want to fly

For no real reason

Unable to share

Unable to explain

Unable to fly


Have to keep up the semblance

Least I disturb the others

In their own cocoons

Wrapped. Warped. With fear.

Lest I disturb them, with my joy

Lest I sadden them, lest I anger them

For some reason, joy is not to be shared

It’s mistrusted

It’s misread

Most like the weight

Of their own shackles

Refusing to soar

Refusing to even try

It’s not done

It’s not possible

No one will let me

No one will help me

Its herculean

I’ve done so much already


To stay on the ground

Its taken a while

For me to even think of flight

But I know now

I want to soar

For I can


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