161Hi there,

I’m Richa. A 30 something woman. Juggling many roles, wearing many mantles. Just like every other woman out there.

Its so easy to loose oneself in those many roles. And I had.

I was often at crossroads, watching those roles clash.

This blog is my journey in getting those roles to work together. My attempt at capturing the different facets to life and today’s world, in all its myriad glory, from the eyes of a Woman at Work.

If you’d care to join me on the journey, welcome aboard. I’d love to hear about your point of view, so do write in a few lines.

More about me:

Mother to an infinite bundle of energy who teaches me new stuff everyday. My ‘Mommy Blog’ is tucked away HappyFeet n Me.

A techie with degrees from good ol’ IITB, who’s been in the Semiconductor Software for a decade, who took a short break from this crazy industry; and made it back. Yeh, I’m crazy like that. I love my work. Just in case you’re interested, my professional profile is LinkedIn.

A closet feminist.  A start-up specialist – from the sidelines.

A dreamer. An explorer. A traveler. A wanna-be minimalist.

And most of all, a woman with a zest for life. Completely in love with it. :)


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