Taking a Leap of Faith

school-457839_640So the kid starts his “new” big school today. Day 1. Again.

This is a school I’ve been trying for for almost 3 years now. Yes, it’s that good. Or so I believe.

And my heart turned to mush when I saw him off at the bus today. At 7:25 am. Eyes still droppy. His shoulders  a bit hunched. The normally confident out going kid, a bit lost in that big huge yellow bus. He went and sat by himself in a corner. He didn’t know any of the other kids.

At 6.5 yrs and 4.5 ft tall frame .. he’s not so little anymore. But sitting there, shy, unsure.. it was like he was 2 again.

In fact.. I don’t remember him looking like this before..

At 1.5 yr when he started day care, he just left my hand and happily waddled off to play in the sand pit. Didnt even look back.

At ~3 yrs when we moved to Pune and he started a new pre-school & daycare.. it was the same.. He happily went off to play. And didn’t look back.

Even 2 weeks ago when he started a new ‘big’ school – there were 3 other kids from our building in his class. He came back and told me how they got lost looking for the class, then found it, then had fun, and gave the teacher a hard time.

He can’t quite understand why I’m making him change school 2 weeks in.

He knows I’ve been trying for this other school. He loved it when we’d visited it earlier. Surrounded by hills. Farms along side the last mile to school. Lots of open space to play. A “science park” that he can’t get over. And some of his friends from earlier are there too.. but they’ll all be in different classes.

Perhaps I’m just being emotional. I know he’ll be all right.

But once you have a kid, its like watching your heart go walking outside of your body.

I spent the last hour wondering if he’ll be ok. How he’s feeling. I hope he’s not scared. I hope he’s found his way to class. I’d told him and showed him how to get to the “office” when we visited on Saturday. But I’m still apprehensive.. How will the little boy fare once he reaches school – and sees hundreds of kids swarming out of the 20+ buses and rushing to class. Will he remember where the office is?

I’m sure if he gets lost, he’ll ask. And someone will help him.

But still..

The earlier schools were pre-schools. Small homely set ups. We started slow. Just a few hours.

This is “big” school. It’s 20 min away. (ok, that’s not much!). School started 20 days ago.. so won’t get the time to settle in and we missed all the “orientation” sessions. The class is going to be ahead of him. He’ll have some catching up to do…

I take a deep breath..

We’ve had so many changes the last few months. But he’s been a trooper.

I know he’ll be fine. But still..

Watching your child walk away into the unknown.. is such a big leap of faith…

I hope he gets the time to explore the place and make new friends. I hope his class teacher makes him feel welcome and helps him catch up. (I’ll get to meet her only next week!) I hope he has a fun day. And I hope he comes back all charged up with tales of his adventures….




4 thoughts on “Taking a Leap of Faith

  1. Aww! Best of luck to little A and you :) As a fellow mom of a 2.5 year old I know how you feel. But as you said he will be alright. Looking fwd to posts on his adventures there.

    • Thanks Kavs. He’s totally got into the groove at the new school. Enjoying it – skating, gymnastics, taekwando, spellings. He comes home and shows off something new each day. ;) So yeah.. he’s fine. Just a mother’s gotta well, fuss over things like that, right :)

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