Reflections of the last 3 years


[Image Credit: Stian Danenbarger]

As I move away from the corporate world the accompanying joy and glory and chaos, putting down some thoughts

About people

  • People “like” others who are like them. Or who they aspire to be like. If you don’t fit the mold, you’re not liked
  • Gender Biases do exist. They’re just too deep rooted and sub-conscious to be noticed by most. But they’re all around. Most of the work place is men. Their instinct is that women just aren’t as smart or capable. Though their logical brain tells them otherwise.
  • Our perception, our filters, color our world view. Two people can look at the same situation, or program, and see two very different things.

About the corporate /careers

  • It’s not just about hard work. That’s only for self satisfaction. It’s about making sure that your hard work matters, to the right people
  • 95% engineers really have no clue how management, or businesses or a corporation works. They think they do – just coz they are smart engineers. Engineering is very diff from management. Or business.
  • The culture is set top down. You can’t try to change it bottom up.
  • We’re all human. Even the manager, program managers and everyone else up the ladder. Everyone does the best they can under the circumstances aka intense pressure. And even the best drop the ball, occasionally. It’s ok. It happens. No one’s perfect.

About me

  • I am way better than the average guy
  • I don’t give myself enough credit
  • I’m my own worst critic
  • I have 2 faces
  • I’m assertive. Guys find that threatening. Inside, I feel like a quivering 3 year old who’s afraid of making mistakes.
  • I’m polite bordering on apologetic. I try real hard to be nice. That doesn’t help.
  • People respect me. Perhaps even like working with me. Even if I feel I suck.
  • It’s not just about hard work. Or delivering the project, or preventing/fighting fires. Growing up the ladder really depends on two things i) how well you actively market and project yourself ii) luck

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