5 Things I learnt on my last day at ‘work’


[Image Credit: Nadia Hatoum]

  1. My nerves aren’t made of steel

My last day at work in a corporate job, was rather emotional. I’d been looking fwd to it for a long long time. But yet when the day came, I was a bunch of nerves.

Faced with the finality of it, there was no looking back now. Like those moments you’re standing at the edge of a cliff, checking and cross checking your harness, before you take that leap off a very very high cliff, into nothing. You know you’re going to be safe. There’s a parachute. There’s the instructor. There’s a safety harness. And lotsa crazy people have done it before you.

But it’s still unnerving. And for all my bravado and planning, I was still a bundle of nerves.

  1. Everyone wants to be an Entreprenuer !

I did get a hearty laugh though, when the mails started pouring in. I sent out a “Thanks and Bye” mail around noon. In about 2 hours I was flooded with mails saying “Congratulations!” “That’s amazing”. So many people I spoke to that day shared their own dreams – of wanting to quit and “start their own thing”. But they did – some were scared, some were not ready yet.. everyone had their own excuses. But most of all, they were afraid because they didn’t think it was possible.

  1. People er, like me. And genuinely respect me.

We tend to not value what we have. As difficult as it is for me to accept that people may like me – they do. J  Most of the folks I met were genuinely glad for me, and sad to see me go.

  1. I was GROSSLY underpaid

I always knew I was underpaid. And made only feeble attempts to have it addressed.

The last day I found out I was GROSSLY underpaid. I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach.  It’s amazing what all people confide in you when they think they won’t see you again.


  1. Out of sight is out of mind

Everyone’s so caught up in their own lives.. no one takes the time or effort to just call or check in. Or stay in touch. I’m as guilty of this as the next guy. I’ve barely even stayed in touch with friends. Thank God for Facebook! At least I can look up which city they’re in – or whether they have kids!




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