That Guilt thing


You know that Guilt thing that women, especially mommies are so good at?

Well, I’ve been beating myself up with it again. Friday was my last day at my corporate job. I got home close to dinner time, loafed, watched 2 episodes of Elementary and crashed. I woke up late on Saturday morning – at 8 instead of 6am. I was glued to my laptop pretty much the entire weekend when I wasn’t cooking and cleaning and chasing after the kid. It didnt actually feel like a weekend. I felt guilty about working so much, and not doing fun stuff with the kid.

Come Monday morning, my first weekday working from home, I took 4 hours off during the day – had a leisurely lunch, watched 2 episodes of Elementary and took a nap. I’ve still put in about 6 hours of work at the laptop.

At 7pm, I can’t quite decide which guilt to choose.

i) Not taking a break! Hey, I just quit my job!!! Ain’t I supposed to be chilling!? And spending more time for myself – you know, napping, exercising. And what about more time with the son. Ugh. I’m so bad at this!


ii) OMG I took 4 hours off on a weekday! I still need to complete <insert 10 ‘high priority’ tasks for work>!!!  I’m so bad at this work-from-home thing!!

Yep, that’s women for you. Or probably just a new freelancer. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

Sigh. It’s going to take me a while to figure out this work from home thing.

[Image Credit: Humberto Marum]


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