The Hope Factory

Starry, this one’s for you :)

So it’s Monday morning. The mad rush of the weekend over. The craziness of Monday morning. And the weeks preceeding.  Feeling in a funk. And turns out I’m not alone ;) Who wudda thought it’s kinda nice to know you’re not the only one, that you’re not alone, in a funk ;)

Here’s some inspiration for that Monday morning funk. Reminders that there’s more to life. Reminders that this too shall pass.

Stumbled across this site. GORGEOUS getaways. Really gorgeous. Breath taking photos. Perfect for arm chair travel. And inspiration to pack those bags again. Go, browse, travel, dream.

I never thought I’d say this – but I think this is an amazing interview. Of a bollywood actress. One that I thought was ‘trashy’. But I’m impressed by her poise, her answers. I wish for more young women to see this.  The small town English shows through the polished diction.  The small town up bringing jostling with world exposure. And yet she comes across as someone who knows her mind. An articulate feminist. In unexpected garb.   Esp 15:50 min mark.

A friend who’s volunteering in Uttarakhand. Speechless. Lump in throat.

A wedding with a difference. Again, impressed.

The Hope Factory. I just love the name. The way it sounds. I haven’t read the book though.

And a random collection of some of my favorite pics :

6 thoughts on “The Hope Factory

    • haha.. nope. Not this one. Though I have driven bikes before.
      We did manage to sneak a pic before the owner turned up ;)
      He turned out to be a Bangalore guy, and while he was generous enough to let the rest of the girls pose with his bike, he drew the line at letting us ride it…
      oh well, some other day.

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