Ladakh: Enroute to Pangong

[June 24th 2013]

6 hrs by road from Leh, through some awesome terrain, spectacular views, lunar landscapes, a snow covered pass, shocking green wetlands in between barren brown mountains, gurgling streams, desert roads. Yep, we covered all those terrains, in just under 6 hours.

I’m not into bikes. Or I wasnt. Until this drive. All of a sudden, I wanted to feel the terrain, to really experience it. Not in cocooned AC comfort behind the wind screen of an Innova.  I wanted the wind in my face. I wanted to feel the harsh sun, the rain, the biting cold wind.

They say this is the only place in the world where you can get a sun burn and frost bite at the same time.

The photos dont do justice to it. But still, a girl’s gotta try.

An hour or so outside Leh, you hit the mountains. Ofcourse, there’s brown everywhere. But the valleys in between, are vibrant green. terraced farms, in this harsh land.

Just outside Leh IMAG0123

Check out the winding road, yes, those criss cross lines across the moutain are the roads we just came by.

Check out the road! yes, that thin ribbon criss crossing the mountain

And the famous sign boards :)

One of the famous milestones..

Chang La pass deserves a post by itself.

Streams, from the melting snow.

Gurgling, along with us.
Gurgling, Gushing.....
A stream enroute

The Wetlands. In the middle of ‘no-where’

Endless Desert road again
roadtrip perfection

Mountains, of sand. For over an hour’s drive. Felt at times that if the wind blows hard, the mountain may just blow off into nothingness. But the sand cover belies the hard fused rock underneath



A random bridge

the caterpillar bridge

Dry, sandy river bed.. spot the road if you can.


Yes, the road’s there. Somewhere. Under the sand. I really wonder how the driver figured !

IMAG0268 IMAG0275

The first sighting of Pangong. See that little patch of blue..

First sighting of Pangong


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