The challenge in being yourself

Being true to yourself comes at a cost.

It’s far easier to give in. To adapt. To mould yourself to the circumstances.  To cater to the whims of the unreasonable client, the boss, the spouse, the kids, the parents.

What’s the hidden cost to that?

A gradual loss of identity?  An erosion of self?

That sense of self, is harder to give up when you’re aware of it. When it’s been a concscious decision and process. When you’re aware of the price paid. When you like you it. When you’re proud of it.

There is a parallel price to be paid when you choose the other path. When you’d rather stick to your principles. When you’d rather stand up for yourself. When you muster the courage to tell them to “Deal with it”. That you’re not willing to change just because someone else finds it inconvenient or uncomfortable.  It takes courage. And even more than that, grace and maturity, to do in a way that doesn’t burn the bridges.

Of course, there’s a fine line between standing true to yourself, and being foolhardy.

What’s the path you’d rather take?


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