And the day’s just started

Back from a long weekend at Dapoli last night. I sprained my foot after a whirlwind hour of cleaning up last evening. And landed up with a ton of work for this morning.

Thankfully foot is better now and I can atleast move around. Here’s what my morning has been like.

Woke at 6:15. From 6:30 to 8:10 did the following

– Sorted the clothes, took out the wet clothes from the trip. Put into the machine. Start the machine.

– Water the plants. All 30 of them. After 3 days.

– Take out the milk from freezer.

– Peel and boil the sweetcorn since kid likes it in his snack box.

– Scrum thru fridge, ration to figure what to make for breakfast. Settle on poha. PLuck curry leaves. Look up the green chillis. wash. Soak peas. Wash poha. Cooked it. Remembered to add lime, sugar, garam masala at the end. Clean, wash and chop the corriander. Add to above.

– Kid wakes up at 7am. Coax him to brush.

– Kid wants to make fruit salad. try to dissuade him. Take out the fruits. Wash them. Help him get started on the bananas.

– Heat milk. Pour for kid. Add complan and the ayuvedic powder since he has a cold.

– Make chai. Wash bartan, strainer for chai.

– Call maid since she hasnt turned up yet.

– Pot the 2 saplings we got from Dapoli in under 5 minutes

– 2 minute shower. 5 min total for me to get ready.

– Dress the kid.

– Search for tiffin box (3 in the wash, cant find where new maid has kept the others). Pack.

– Search for water bottle. Ditto as above. Fill.

– Scream at kid who’s still playing to sit and eat his breakfast.Make him eat some fruit.

– Kid bursts out crying that he has homework and wants to do it now.

– Reminder kid to wear his shoes & get his bag. N times.

– Gulp some fruit and a few bites of poha in 4 minutes.

– Grab my bandage, phone, earrings, laptop, purse and rush out the door to call the lift. Pack the above while waiting.

– Kid starts almost crying since he hasnt done the homework. And realised he doesnt have his nametag.

– Get nametag from bag. Give to kid.

– Run to car. Bundle kid in. Drive like a maniac. Reach School just as the gate’s closing.

– Kid has runny nose. Give him a bunch of tissues.

– Kid’s still weepy coz of homework and cold. Give him a hug and send him off to class.

– Drive precariously to petrol pump. Since tanks’ been on empty for about 20 km already. Fill. Heave a sigh of relief. Take a long deep breath. Head to work.

– Chide self for all the stuff I still forgot [tulsi+black pepper tea for kid’s cold, making him take steam, sending some med/tulsi for his cold in his bag, hugging him], for being so disorganised, for running late always, for always gulping breakfast on the run.

– Make mental check list of all the TODO’s for today. Prepare mentally for the calls.

– Reach office at 8:50. Keep stuff at desk. Run to conf room for call that’s supposed to start at 9 am. Log in. Find it just got cancelled a few minutes ago.  Sigh in relief.

– Check mail till the next call at 9:30. Take call. Contribute meaningfully.

– Vent on post while half listening on the 10 am call. So that I can get it out of my system! Phew! There!

…. and the day’s just started…

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