There’s a waterfall in my backyard!

And I cant stop gushing about it :)

It poured like crayz y’day. Just when I was on the way home. Perfect. Got soaked to the bone just walking down the small lane from the parking to kid’s school. And he was all thrilled. Pulled on his raincoat, and we splashed and grinned and danced all the way back to the car. Quite a heady mix – rains, me and the kid. On a high.  The short drive home was an adventure. Like we were driving through a storm. Visibility almost zero. Heavy winds. And he says all gleefully “see Mumma, the trees are all dancing in the rains!”. Sigh. My heart melt even more, if that were even possible.

We’re both sitting drenched in the car. Puddles forming around our feet. Gleefully squirming in our own little pools.

As we pull into the long long driveway,  he looks up at the hills, now all covered in mist. “Mumma, see the hills are hiding! I cant see them. I cant see our house also!”. And then we see them. Thin streams of water, gushing down the hills. I cant quite believe it.  We stop in the driveway and stare. “Mumma – its a waterfall! See so many waterfalls”!  :) :) And we both grin stupidly.

Park the car. Leave the bags etc in. Run dancing through the rain, splashing in the puddles, grinning all the way. We walk in the door, still excited. H is also there. We drag him out. To the huge terrace that’s supposed to be the fire escape. Some more dancing in the rain. Some more grinning. Some more staring in amazement at the waterfalls.

All soaked, all happy, we head back in to get on with the evening, dinner, cartoons, office calls. Back to the routine. But with that happy feeling inside, the rains, the waterfall.



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