Just because I can..


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doesn’t mean I have to. Or should have to.

Just because I can, doesnt mean I want to.

I’ve always been independent. Perhaps because I’ve been on my own for a long time. But there are times even I need backup. And as much as I hate asking for help, I should.

Spent close to 1.5 hrs at a tyre repair shop Wed evening. Kid in tow. And the distate still lingers.

My front tyre was flat. He took it out, checked it. 5 punctures. He kept insisting it’ll just take 5

minutes. So A and I stood there on the dusty road side, waiting. The evening crowd of workers passing by. Some stopping at the chai joint next door.  Eyeing us up.

A was restless. He wanted to go home and play.

I was restless. The repair guy was uncomfortably chatty. The 5 minutes stretched into an hr. The 5 punctures done, he now found that the tyre was also busted in 2 places. Wire stuck out. Now that’ll have to be fixed.

I lost my patience.  It was already dark. My BP was tanking. The kid was hungry. I was hungry.

I told him to just fix in the spare like I’d been requesting him to do for the last hour!

He grudgingly agreed.

Took out the spare. And found there’s no air in it. Dismantled it, checked it. Tube’s got 4 holes, tyre has wires sticking out – 2 places.

I’m flabergasted. I thought I had a good spare.

And wonder what the hell on the road could’ve caused both tyres to be so badly messed up. Ya, the approach roads to our apt are quite messed up. Ya, we have a flat almost every month. Ya, I should get the tyres changed to the tubeless kind.

It’s already 7 pm. Dark. Kid’s furious at missing his daily time at the playground with his friends.

I get the guy to patch up the first tyre and fit it.

It’s 750 bucks. And I find I’m short of cash. Coz I just paid the maid this morning.

Thankfully, there’s an ATM not too far away. Thank god for small mercies.

7:30, we head home. The kid and I both frustrated.

We put on a movie, tuck in to a bag of chips, and glasses of juice. To hell with the no-junk-before dinner.

2 days on, and the frustration still lingers. I’m trying to figure out why.

It’s been a rather hectic and crazy week at work. Yes.  I’m wound up. Yes.

But still….

I’m pissed at having to stand at that dusty smelly roadside, late evening, with kid, that long, with that kinda crowd around.

I shouldn’t have had to.

In hindsight, I didnt have to.

I could’ve just left the car there and taken a rick home. Picked it up next morning or when H got back. He’d stepped out to meet a friend who was on a short Pune trip, that very day. It’s was his once in a year evening out.

I could’ve called some friends, asked them to take care of A; while I got the job done.

But I stood there, believing it’d be done soon. That I could handle it. That I didnt have an option. And it killed the rest of my evening. And week.


One thought on “Just because I can..

  1. Just some suggestions:

    1. If you are using tyre with a tube, it is better to replace the tube instead of fixing puncture. The tube usually costs about 150 Rupees or so. It is better to keep few spare in car, because you don’t know when you will need it.

    2. Each tyre has an age and if one is not following proper service routine, they age even sooner. Typically a tyre has about 60k/ 5 year life but I replace them at 30k/3 years. Check the tread line if they wear out, it indicates end of life. Typically when that happens tyre will puncture very often.

    3. All the 5 tyres need periodic rotation and alignment. Spare tyre does not have to sit always in the trunk. The service guys know it but won’t do so unless you tell them. When replacing, replace all 5.

    4. Maintain proper air pressure and check it every 2nd week atleast. If you don’t have time, fill nitrogen, it last for longer.

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