And I still cant get over it

The events of that fateful day in Delhi.

The horror that young woman went through.

Her death.

The apathy and incompetence of our SYSTEM.

She’s gone. But her memory stays on. A girl we never knew.

There’s a dull ache. Unfathomable sadness. Despair.

Anger. Fury. At the powers that be. At society. At us. At myself.


I cannot even begin to image what her family would be going through. Her father… Her mother… Her younger brothers.

It’s impossible to comprehend the loss of a loved one in such a henious manner.

I’m proud of her father and her family. That they stood by her. And then openly stood up and claimed her, and their loss.  It’s a first in India.

I’m mourning the loss of someone I didnt even know…

But I dont have that luxury.. to mourn, to shed a tear, for the unknown girl. Life goes on.. there are the everyday chores. The exuberance of a 4 yr old makes everything else in the world irrelevant.

I dont have the heart for new yr resolutions. To celebrate the new year. Or to plan ahead for the year.

How do I explain it to anyone.

The loss I feel.

Not just for her.

The helplessness, the vulnerability, the sadness – of being a woman.


“I used to think that becoming a parent had made me weak. I had lost my stomach for violence. I realize now that this is my superpower. I can no longer stomach violence as entertainment. The full-blown horror of it hits me harder than before. I see the insanity of it with a clarity I cannot gloss over.”  – No room for despair

Pin the creep Technology to the rescue.. Worth a try. Since the government, police and society do not look out for women, I guess its upto women to do so for each other!

Choosing my Words Oculus : Raw chord. Highlights how insensitive most of us are to gender related issues.

A fine line The Mad Momma : and where do we draw the line? Item numbers, lyrics with double meanings, and sometimes outright outrageous. And btw, why are item numbers – so clearly sexual in nature – on prime time telivision and deemed ‘child appropriate’?

The Unspeakable Truth About Rape in India

I fought for my life and won.  One woman’s story – and the strength of her spirit. She not only survived, she won. In the truest sense of the word.

“A protected generation of women like my grand mother’s did NOT seek equal rights.”

And pictures that are worth a thousand words:


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