The song in your head

We  tell ourselves a story. About who we are. About the people around us. Why and what they do. And what they mean. We take the basic observations. We add in our own colors. Our own interpretation. And call it the truth.

Then we fret and fume. That they’ve wronged us. They’re unworthy. They made us feel bad. They’ve ruined our day/week/life.

Are you reacting to them? Or to the song in your head – the story you told yourself?


One thought on “The song in your head

  1. Song in my head, of course. Always. The world is exactly as I create it, every day. It’s amazing how easy it is sometimes to have people respond to me the way I want…but that’s when I’m feeling super confident. There are days when I make sure people mess up my day big-time because I let them, and expect them to!

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