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Ever notice the masks that we wear? The ones we use for office – for subordinates, one for peers, one for the bosses. The ones we wear at home – one for the spouse, one for the kids, one with the parents. The ones we wear with friends, different ones for different friends. I’ve always hated them. I’ve always wished I could just be the ‘real me’, with everyone. Devoid of masks. Just barebones me. And I kicked myself for wearing those masks; I felt I was giving in to pressure, conforming, role playing.

But then, that’s life . It’s a web of relationships. A mishmash of role plays. Every interaction we have with another person, is just that – role play.  So where’s the real me?  Does she really have a chance? Where’s the space, to just be me?

As I move along I realize the role play, the masks are more primeval – they’re about survival; about the pecking order, they’re the equations for how you relate to the other person and about how you want them to perceive you.  Roles evolved in their present day form, in order for society to function. It’s just a mask, it’s just a role.

Or is it?

The essence of who you are, shows up as threads in the masks we wear, the roles we play, everything we do. Beautifully, inevitably, interwoven into the tapestry of life.. Let it shimmer through.


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