So while we’re still gushing over Jack Bauer and 24, I wonder – what or who would’ve Jack been if he’d not happened to be in CTU, just at those particular crises points? The regular middle aged guy next door?  His skill, his talent, his cool handling of each crisis – bypassed by regular everydays. Mundane. Unglamorous.

What was the price he paid, to be who he was – Jack Bauer he who can handle every crisis and save the day, each day; who multiple Presidents rely on and who millions owe their lives.  He didn’t have a regular life. He didn’t get to spend time with loved ones. He missed out on being a parent. He no longer owned his life. That’s the price you pay to be extraordinary. You write away your ‘right’ to the ordinary, regular things.

Ditto for Gandhi, Hitler, Jesus, Mahavir, Buddha et al.

Where/who would they have been without the challenges and situations the faced, and braved? What was the price they paid?

We each pay a price to be who we are. We each can choose – regular or ‘extraordinary’, what we want to make our lives, and how.

But is being a regular guy – living a regular life, having regular relationships, being a regular parent, dealing with the everyday mundane stuff to put the bread on the table with dignity and grace – any less demanding, any less challenging, any less ‘extraordinary’ ?


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