It’s possible


I’ve been going down memory lane often these days. Mparty to the BC days. Looking for a connection to the girl I was.  Bitter about not having that kind of spontaneity, adventure, travel and the fun anymore. Sometime ago I dug up old photos and stuck them up in the corridor. As a window those times. I wanted to remind myself of the person I was. And wanted to be again. I relived all the fun times. Paris. Parasailing. Kayaking.

Realisation – most of the pics where from my travels. They don’t cover the in between times. The mundane every days. Or the impossible to get through tough days.

As I cleaned up my hard drive I spent a coupla hours going through a zillion other pics. I relieved all those travels again. And the in between times. I remembered the lows along with the highs. I remembered getting lost in Paris, late night, on my first night there. I saw the half cautious smile in those photos – photos I’d asked strangers on the road to take, since I was travelling alone. I remembered the fear and apprehensions of travelling solo.  Ditto with the other years, the other trips. A bit like removing the rose tinted glasses I’d been seeing the past through.  It wasn’t all hunky dory even then. There were the lows along with the highs. There were constraints and limitations.  But I still did get around to doing the stuff that I wanted to, that mattered to me.

I looked back at what I enjoyed the most, what I remembered the most of those years …. and decided to take it up again.

It’s just a matter of saying Yes – it’s possible. Of taking the time out. Of making the effort. Of wanting something so much, you work out or around the obstacles in between. Of being willing to take a chance; to be willing to fail; to figure out 3 schedules around it; to give up that extra bit of sleep ;) It’s about being willing to make the tradeoffs.


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