The Earring Quotient

I’ve got a theory I’ve been toying with for a while.  That the length or type of earrings women employees wear, is directly proportional to how receptive and inclusive the workplace is for its women employees.

Simply that the culture or environment is safe/conducive enough for  the women to be comfortable with being themselves and their femininity.

It may be a bit stereotypical. Not all women may like wearing long, dangling earrings. Or any earrings for that matter.

Studs, simple pearls – business, professional, no-nonsense attitude.”I am a woman. But not when I’m at work”

The long danglers, colorful intricate patters – “I’m a woman/girl. And I dont care if you notice.”

What’s your Earring Quotient?


3 thoughts on “The Earring Quotient

  1. Absolutely. It also depends on the diversity quotient as well as the inclusiveness. If the % of women in an organization tends to be low, even the smallest factor attracts unwanted attention. On the other hand if there is a good diversity initiative, women feels more at ease and thereby feel free to be themselves.

  2. I get what you mean….I was scared to wear my long earrings (I have only dangling ones and hoops, no studs at all) when I joined my company 6 mths back…but I was happy to see lots of ‘expression’ among the women employees with regard to dressing and accessories. It does indicate inclusiveness, alright.

    • Welcome back Starry! NIce to see ya online again :)
      Good for ya! I joined this office 1.5 yrs ago. And only now have am I ‘daring’ to wear my danglers :) So far, I’ve seen only 1 other woman in office wear fashionable earrings.

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