Back to the Basics

At times it feels weird. Like we’re living off the grid or in isolation somewhere. We live on the extreme outskirts of town.

-There’s no propah road to our apartment (PMC decided to dig it up before last year’s monsoons and then forgot about it). A super duper huge mall’s being constructed next door. Will take 3-4 yrs.

– There’s no propah internet connection. Airtel doesnt give internet connections there. Photon and Tikona do – but rarely work.

– There’s no dhobi who comes in. Paper comes in at 8 am. There’s a milkman who will deliver only after 9am. After we’ve left for work.

– We dont have a cable TV connection. Didnt like the initial service from Reliance and never renewed.

– Furniture and decor is basic.

Our days are basic

– Weekdays – work/school; come home and play in the garden/sandpit or swim; dinner + movie/cartoon. Sleep. Repeat cycle

– Weekends – essential chores, cleaning, long play in the sandpit + same as above minus the work/school +  hog on junk food.

But we do have

– a lovely view of the hills

– a nice long lazy pool which is a nice visual treat even when we’re not in it

– playground, sandpit, garden and lotsa kids playing there.

– lotsa plants, wind, light and open spaces. enough for the kiddo to ride his bike indoors.


Looks like we’ve cut down life to the basics. Exhilarating and Scary.

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