Done. 17×2.

I like how Fred Wilson puts it.  I’ve turned 17 twice. Now onto the 3rd stage…

This last year  has been about stringing together the pieces life has been – trying to make sense of them, figuring out the patterns, who I am, why, what do I want, what drives me, yadda yadda.

No perfect answers. But the picture is starting to make sense. And that’s progress I’d say. :)

Getting comfortable in my own skin. Proud of myself. Who I am. Where I am – in life. All that I’ve done.

The first 17 years – what I remember most is the reading, and the moving. The Osmosis years.

The next 17 – Doing. Travelling. Squirming in my skin. Figuring out how to be an adult, the ways of the world, trying to conform, and quitting.

The next 17 – are for me. Living. Being.


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