I miss


and those times..

talking, laughing, freely.

no agenda, no worries.

the world didnt matter. we didnt care.

it was all ours for the taking.

life, the best, was yet to come.

we were just starting.

laughing, freely,  at all the silly stupid stuff.

not weighed down by all the what ifs and buts.

a light heart.

all smiles.

for we were just getting started in life.


more friends on FB than in real life

none to share the small ups and downs of everyday.

each day is a TODO list.

with chores piled high.

battles to be fought. dragons to be slain.

all space and time taken up by impossible projects, impossible people.

the fun times seem far behind.

in another lifetime.

yes, it’s just perspective. mine.

yes, it can be changed.

yes, fake it until you make it.

but sometimes the heart just tires of trying.

the chaos, noise all around creates a numb emptiness within.

interactions become transactions.

life has just got to be got through.

yes, there are still flowers. and rainbows beyond the hills.

yes, life is still beautiful.

yes, there are friends and family around.

and still the heart aches.

this is not how it was meant to be.

this is not what we imagined in those wide eye the-world-is-mine times.



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