Rain, rain

Aah, the simplicity. If only we let it be.

We all got home early y’day. And together. The rain beat down, alternating btwn a heavy downpour and a light drizzle. Heavenly weather!

So on a whim, we change and rush out. To the nearest tapri. In the rain. Order chai and bhajji. And we stand at a roadside corner, in the semi-dark, getting drenched. Everything else forgotten, we just stood there hogging the hot bhajji and wada pav and gulping chai. By standers watching in amusement.  Even the brat enjoying it. Huddled under his orange umbrella, peering out at the rain, at the tea stall, maybe wondering why his parents have gone nuts.

Got home with that warm fuzz in the tummy from the yummy wadas, clothes cold and drenched by the rain, hearts contended.

Sighh… there’s just something about the rains…..





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