Ageing gracefully

Had fun at Della Adv yesterday. Have a bit of -for lack of a better word – hangover.

No matter how much I try to pretend I’m still 20, my body isnt gonna let me get away with it.  I went gaga over all the er adventurous activities. Thrilled like a kid who’s finally gotten into a playground after much ado.   In a flashback to the days of yore when a 8 hour long trek in the rain was passe .. I wanted to madly scramble and do it all.

Instead, my body huffed and puffed and ached ‘treking’ the 30 ft or so to the top of the ‘Flying Fox’. My brain threatened to freeze out on me as I climbed the rickety iron ladder up the towers for the rope stuff, and my hands and knees almost gave way as I heaved myself off the ladder onto the platform. And the long finger nails ensured I didn’t get a grip on the rock climbing.

And I just kept chiding my body – “duh! itna bhi nahi banta hai ab!!”

Mismatch again.

Ageing gracefully just isnt my cuppa tea.

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