The Invisible One

The older woman was on a rant. Pouring her heart out to the younger one. About how ungrateful kids are these days. They think only of their careers, their comfort..Ignore their parents. How they come up with reasons and excuses to not return to their hometown, their aging parents. She was fuming. Vehement; spiteful; at the younger generation. Her son. Her nephew. How they moved so far away. How ungrateful, how inconsiderate of them. “My generation – we slogged  our whole life for our kids. We’ve given up so much. Never thought about ourselves. Only worked for our kids. And look at them. They only think about themselves. What about their responsibilities towards us!! We also have dreams. Who will fulfill them now? Who will take care of us now?” She cried her heart out. Lamenting the children who’d moved away.

The younger one listened on. Wrapped in her own thoughts. Of all she’d done to be a ‘dutiful daughter’. Things she’d passed up to be home with her parents. Of the growing up years spent being the constant intermediary between her parents. Of coaching her brother through numerous exams. All through college, she’d hurry through her own exams papers, to catch the evening train back home. To not miss even a single day at home. And she’d recently moved her own small family half way across the country, amongst other things, to be closer to her parents.

She hugged the older woman, offering comfort.

The older one didnt notice. She continued bemoaning her fate. Crying for the son who’d left years ago.

After a while the younger one gave up. Hurting. Unable to accept, that she’d never quite count, to her mother. After all, she was just the ‘daughter’. The Invisible One.


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