Rediscovering lost loves

Slowly. Very slowly. Getting back to being me. To doing the things I loved.

And realizing I still do.

Swam. Really swam ie without kid in tow. Twice this weekend. Remembered how much I loved the water.  The refreshing blue… Gentle breeze making its way across the surface. Wavelets. The sun bouncing off them, shimmering. Feeling the cold water wrap around me. Gliding through it. Clean strokes. Shallow breathing…. somethings dont change. Enjoying the cold water.  Mesmerized by the light, bouncing off the small blue tiles. Absorbing the view. The palms and the plants framing the open blue sky as I float. The blue turns orange. Then clouds take on a pink hue. A while later its dark. I can see the stars. The moon’s full. The lights in the pool turn on. A wonderful play of light. I swim in and out, catching the light, through the dark. I soak it all in.

Read. Steve Job’s biography. Smitten. Completely. By Jobs. And the biographer. Well written. Squarely capturing all of Job’s eccentricities and failings. And just how much of the digital world as we know it, is thanks to him & his reality distortion field. I so longed to be part of that world, where the impossible came true, so many times.  Ashamed to admit I havent used an Apple device. I’m low tech. But just love his sense of design; the maniacal emphasis on simplicity and perfection.

Cooked. My style. Mix n match. The green tomatoes bought on a whim – they just looked too good to resist. I chop them, heat the oil and the rai, then wonder what else I should put in. In goes the til, then some more random masalas. It all cooks. I add in a teaspoon of curd just like that. And it smells and tastes divine. H loved it. Just hope he doesnt ask me to make it again. I cant remember what I put in…

Decorated. Aarav’s room. All over again. A rainbow across the sky, clouds and stars above his bed; a butterfly garden on one wall; his favorite animals on another; a paper aquarium on his cupboard. Cutting and snipping and sticking, all through the weekend, with 2 little helper hands pitching in.



One thought on “Rediscovering lost loves

  1. Pictures I need, of the room. Yoda I am ;-) and I love your style! Same pinch, I swam too, after ages, this Sunday. Your post brought back the insti pool memories especially lights @ night.

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