I’m stubborn.

Latest example.. like how I desperately want to get back into shape. The BC (aka before child) shape. Doesn’t matter than I’m no longer in my twenties. I just want to feel that way again.  Limber. Agile. Capable. Like my body’s a well oiled machine.

But I wont go on a diet. I wont give up on the cheese, or the chips, or the cakes. I love that stuff. It’s the few indulgences I pamper myself with. I enjoy soups and salads and fruits. But I cant survive on them. I need the salt – else my BP bits the floor. And salt is of course best with the fried calories. And cheese.. heck we’re a pizza eating family. The Dominos guy loves us.

I refuse to kill myself with exercise. And I wont give up on my sleep to squeeze out exercise time. Or on my morning cuppa chai.  Every once in a while I get over enthusiastic and pick up the 5 kg weights instead of the 2kg ones and push myself. Or try squeeze in 3 sets instead of 2. My body pushes back the next few days.  Eyes hurt. Head hurts. Like I havent slept in days. And so I’ve learnt not to push my body. It likes 30 min a day, 3 times a week, and it’s told me not to push more than that, and so I wont.

But I still want to get back into BC shape. Without dieting or an decent work out routine. So I’m simply willing my body back :D

Bring it on. Lets see who’s more stubborn. Me. Or the flab.



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