Why my weight is none of your business.

While we’re talking of numbers here… let’s talk about weight.

Why is everyone so obsessed with it ? And who are you to decide my “ideal” weight or to say I’m overweight. Especially if I’m fit and not flabby.

Triggered by my trip to a professional gym. After 4 years. I signed up – for their fitness program. And was assured that they’d chalk a workout program just for me. The guy who supposedly customised my workout program – just looked at my weight and height; insisted I’m overweight and I should sign up instead for their weight loss program; which includes diet counselling; and oh, is only Rs 5k extra for 3 months. And while telling me all this, he wrote down my ‘customised’ workout program. He never asked whether I’ve exercised before; when or how. He didnt ask how my body responds to exercise. Or diet. He didnt even register that I’m not flabby; or that I’ve got decently toned biceps & quadraceps for a person who’s just signing up. He just “decided” that I’m overweight and need to be sold a weight loss program. Hrmmph.

Aren’t you supposed to be experts and focus on wholesome fitness?

Well, let me tell you mister – I’ve been exercising on and off for the last 17 years in some way or the other. Gym, sports or dance. My body responds well to exercise. And each time I gym regularly (read greater than 2 months), my body tones up perfectly. No flab. But I never have lost weight due to exercise. I loose inches. I loose flab. I tone up. But never weight. And my weight has always always been above the “acceptable” weight defined by my height. And I’m fine with that.

Even in my worst flabby years post-child-birth, it wasnt the weight I was uncomfortable about – but the flab. The floating huge feeling. And all I wanted – was to tone up. Get back control over my body.

Weight is just another number that you guys (those in the exercise/weight loss business) like to throw around and play with. And make most gullible people feel embarrassed about. In order to get business.

Yes, I know, its’ called upselling.

But here’s the deal – I for one, am ok with my weight. I do not use it to measure my health.

3 thoughts on “Why my weight is none of your business.

  1. Hey I hear ya… That was definitely not a good experience @ a professional gym. They should have assessed your family history and your health history too.

    Weight is definitely not the only indicator for health. A few more factors are more important: % fat in the body, waist circumference and finally BMI.

    Just sharing my experience: I was happy with my weight, and was decently “regular” with my workouts, i.e. once/twice a week, and had toned up too. But once I started watching what I eat, and started eating healthier and lesser calories to lose weight, I noticed my % fat dropped from 33% to 23%, my BMI dropped from 27 to 22, and dropped more than 6 inches at the waste. Somehow I could never do with “just workout”. All these numbers and the “decreases” are definitely in the right direction though, and while “not losing weight” was “okay for me”, “losing weight” turned out to be “absolutely the best thing that’s happened to me”…

    • Righto. If the guy had said that i have high fat % or BMI or something like that and therefore I should instead sign up for the “weight loss prgm”, I would have. But the way he just went on about my weight pissed me.
      And today was day2. Bench press, leg curls, shoulder press – all using 11kg ie 25 pound weights. I’m kinda speechless. I thought they’re supposed to start off slow. I’m going to give them a few days/weeks and hope that there’s a method to their madness… else .. move on.
      and ya, I agree eating healthy – and loosing weight – both do wonders for the self :)

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