An elderly gentleman

I’m one of the Indian population who’d rather not do anything. The large populace with the “chalta hai” attitude. And a strong under current of frustration at the “system” – the complete lack of accountability of any sort, their apathy, and our seeming inability to do anything about it.

Like the majority of working class Indians, I’d rather focus on my daily bread, and simply how to get through each day, one day at a time. What can I do to change the system?!

That’s why over the last few days, it was heartening to see the response to Anna Hazare’s fast & arrest. Thousands of the ‘average’ Indians supporting him. Leaving their daily routines and worries behind to stand up and in their own way tell the government that we count. Not just the poor, the unemployed, the down trodden etc, but also the average guy with a degree and a job, the average housewife who runs a ‘comfortable’ household.

On the other side, its extremely disturbing and disgusting to see this state of affairs. That an elderly gentleman has to go on fast in attempt to get the government to be accountable. That he’s arrested ‘just because’ he wants to fast; and hold the government accountable for – hold your breath – governance. That thousands of average Indians have to take to the streets in order for the powers that be to ‘allow’ the said gentleman to fast. For 14 days.

That the average Indian’s only hope for any kind of accountability by the government – which is supposed to be for the people, by the people – in the world’s largest democracy – rests with an elderly gentleman’s fasting.

Flashback to the 1940’s anyone?

A catchy tune to pep things up a bit …


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