Essential skills that school didnt teach us

For me the last few months have been a massive learning experience.  Not conventional learning or academic. More on Life Skills.  I’ve had the time and the luxury to sit back and observe. Observe people, their behaviour, their interactions and so on. And the more I see, the more I see that we are the same. The same set of needs, desires rule us, govern our everyday behaviour. And if you break it down to the bare bones, everyone, everywhere has a similar set of problems.

I cant help but wonder, why they never taught us this stuff in school. Wasnt the whole purpose of school and education to make us better equipped to manage the rest of our life?

Just image, in school if they’d also taught everyone

– Effective communication

– Understanding & Influencing people: How the mind works.

– Money matters: How to manage your money. Personal Finance.

– Relationships: How to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships

Wont the world be a better place?

Tell me, what other life skills do you think are essential?


5 thoughts on “Essential skills that school didnt teach us

  1. School is way to early to teach these subjects. Most of us would have bunked these classes. These are things you need to experience first hand. Subjects like these in last year of college though would be very useful.

    • Hmm. I think its never too early. Kids attitude and approach to life is shaped young. The older you get, the more difficult it is to change that basic attitude. Say when they’re still 8-10 years old and learning to interact with the world why not teach them how to “effectively” interact with the world.
      – Learning to talk isnt just about getting the grammar & pronunciation right. Why not shift focus a bit and teach them early on that the gist of talking/communicating is not just about saying what you want, but making sure the other person understands you.
      – When you’re teaching them basic math, why not introduce the concept of managing money as well. Isnt that where we use math most of all today? In contrast to the way we were brought up – “money doesnt matter”, “kids dont have to know about it” – that usually carries over to adult life and IMHO may be the reason most adults today have such difficult relationship with money.
      – And arent relationships the most important things in life? Then why not teach the kids early on. Maybe teach them a thing or 2 about different kinds of relationships, roles, and how to manage them. Instead of teaching them that exams and tests and performance and extra curricular activities are the focus of life?

      I’m not talking about formal lectures or classes here. More the informal stuff. Like concepts and attitudes that they invariably ‘pick up’ from grown ups around them. Why not put in a conscious effort to make sure they pick up essential life skills early on?

  2. Analytical thinking and problem solving, managing emotions, conflict resolution, assertive communication….to start with! :-D

    I teach teens money management now, to make up for some lacunae in my education!

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