So what are you worth?

With the appraisal season in full swing, you can see people falling into 3 groups. There are those that treat it as just another process to be gotten over with. There are those that think their results will speak for themselves and that’s that. And then there are those that have carefully built up to this moment, making sure that they not only deliver, but also that they are valued. Guess who’s going to be happier come pay day?

Like in any business, it’s not just about having the best product. It’s about perceived value. How much your customer values the product/service you provide.  And how well you’re able to make the customer see that value. The customer could be your boss, your family, or yourself. And no, the value is not self evident.

That’s reality.

And another part of that reality is – no one is going to value you, unless you stand up and make sure they do.

At home. And at the work place.

How well do you negotiate your worth?

Especially with yourself.


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