On why I’m grateful for today

Each morning I dread the newspapers. Because I’m filled with disgust at the current state of affairs in the country. Corruption, greed and apathy at the all levels of the political set up, ruining our country, stunting our chances at growth.

I went to Lal Bagh today, wanting my son to see the flower show, how beautiful flowers can be. And came away very, very disappointed. There were more stalls than flowers. And the few flowers that were there, were withered and uncared for. It brought back memories of flower fields in San Deigo, rainbow hill after hill covered with flowers… and I felt a pang. Wishing I could whisk my son there.


Later in the night, I switched on the TV to “Terminator Salvation”. A teenage Kyle Reese, with a barely 5 year old girl, the only Resistance ‘fighters’ in LA. 2 kids. On their own. In a war zone. Their every thought, every action, keyed in to survival.

I’ve seen this movie before. But this time around, I’m mother to a 2 year old. And my first thought as I see that scene, is OMG, what do these kids eat ?!

I know, it’s just a movie.

But those few scenes drive home a point.

I’m glad that I live in the place and times that I do.

I’m grateful that I can provide for my son. All basic creature comforts. A warm bed to sleep in at night. Clothing. Healthy, yummy food. I’m grateful that I can provide him a healthy happy childhood.

That I am provided for. That I have the luxury of being at home and playing with him. It’s both a privilege, and a luxury I’ve earned.

The very fact, that I have my child by my side today ….

So today, I am grateful. I’m grateful for where I am today. I’m grateful for what I have. And most of all, I’m grateful for who I have in my life.

I repeat my son’s favorite prayer:

Thank you God,

For Everything.


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