These are a few of my favourite things: Creating

There’s just something about this song aint it? That takes you back in time. It’s like being 16 again. Seeing the world, and myself afresh. Except, I now have the experience and wisdom of all the years after the 16th.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to capture some of my favorite things. Do take a minute and share with me – what are a some of your favorite things.

1. I love creating.

Crafts. Paintings. Code. Software. Products. Meals. Business.

It’s a recurring theme. I love creating beautiful things. From scratch. Or from random, seemingly unrelated assortment of stuff. I love pulling it all together to form a complete piece.

I do that in my crafts. Making wall pieces from random wedding invites; making flowers from almost anything; creating a wall mural with just crayon and pencil; glass paintings, bottles made into vases, glasses made into elegant candles – endless list.

I do that in my cooking. Some of my most appreciated dishes are random concoctions that I just ‘threw together’. I start cooking with a vague idea of what I want to make; and then along the way I mix in ingredients, spices that I think will go along well. Jambalaya rice, un-named soups, pasta combinations, desi burritos  & quesadillas – I’m great at creating yumminess from random spices, veggies and left overs. Even if I say so myself ;)

I do that at work. In my code. In the bugs that I fix. I can easily dig into SW I havent seen before, figure things out and fix them. (or maybe that’s a tribute to the guys who wrote the code in the first place – they wrote it so well ;)

Setting up GameZen – the lounge. Got a real kick from seeing that empty huge hall come alive, just the way we’d pictured. To pull everything together from an image in our minds, to a real live kicking lounge that draws a deep appreciative sigh from everyone who walks in.

Call it a personality trait if you will. I see this coming through in smaller ways in everyday chores. That’s the beauty of it. Who you are, expresses itself in so many ways.

Care to share? Tell me one characteristic, one recurring theme you enjoy so much, that you find it shows up in all areas of your life.


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