The week that was

It’s been an eventful week for me. Unrelated events that added up.

– I went back to my old office for some paperwork. And everyone welcomed me back with huge grins. I was thrilled. It was like going home.  There was some rumour doing the rounds that I’m coming back to that office. And huge disappointment when I informed them it was just a rumor.

That says a lot. Bonds forged over the years. I have a good team there. And its good to know that they stand by me. Thanks guys. Three Cheers to us!

– I went for a mock interview. And aced it. Now that’s a big deal for me. Because I’ve always been afraid of interviews. I know I can do the job. And I know I will do it well. Coz that’s just me. But I suck at marketing myself. I’ve always held that my work should do the talking for me. And I’m always afraid of the other person judging me. So I hold back, I’m scared. And generally not my best in interviews. And I realized that the only thing holding me back, is my fear.

– I expect a lot from me. Dont we all ;)

And I’m overly critical of myself. Again, arent we all ;)

Sometimes it helps to step back and look at ‘me’ from someone else’s point of view.


One thought on “The week that was

  1. ahhh! me too.. Though in my case I did not ace it. But it did boost my confidence. Its been a long long time since I last attended 1..
    I need a change now.

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