2011: The year to make things happen

For me, 2010 was a year of many major changes and major learning. Almost turbulent.

2011 is going to be my year of stability. Of getting back on track, the way I want.

For that, here’s my TODO list for 2011.

1 Pack in a powerful morning. Be up by sunrise.

For mornings are my time. Mornings are when I work best. And when I get that quite morning, just by myself, that hour as the sun rises and lights up the sky, before the rest of the household stirs, it gives a jump start to my day.

2 Exercise. Atleast 3 hours a week. Tone up. And get back into those size 30 denims.

Exercise is not just about size or weight. It’s about the discipline. Its about pushing your limits each day. If you can do it in one area of your life, it overflows into others. It’s that simple.

3 Recharge regularly. Schedule in ‘me-time’.

Take a 2 day break every quarter, and a longer 1 week off atleast once in the year. And let this be a complete getaway for the whole family. Not with the emails, phone calls and worries following behind. And take one whole day off each quarter, just for me :)

4 Work on relationships.

I havent been very good at staying in touch with friends and family. Life happens. There’s always reasons to not call, not mail. But at the end of the day, its your relationships that matter most in life.

5 Read. Atleast one book a month. They used to be my best friends. I wonder why I stopped…

6 Actively manage my finances.

I’m good at keeping track of my finances. I have a fair idea of what I should do. But I put off doing it – for months – by when it is too late. Because I’m not 110% sure. Because I think finance is not my thing. Because there’s no immediate penalty for not doing it now.

7 Dance. Sign up for atleast one dance class. With hubby. Something I’ve wanted to do ever since I first met him. And still havent done.

If you notice, these are all small things. And part of almost everyone’s New Year Resolutions. Every year. Things that are important, that we like, but we let them by. Because well, there are always more urgent things right now…and life happens.

This year for me, is all about getting out of that mode. That Life Happens.

This year, is about making it happen. The way I want. Of taking charge of my life, and everything around me.

And I believe that as I perfect the art of ‘making things happen‘ with the small stuff, I’ll be able to do it better with the big stuff as well. Like finding just the right job for myself, just the right maid for the house, and just the right school for kiddo.

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