2010: The Year that was

It’s been an extraordinary year. A year of firsts. A year of learning. A year of stretching myself way beyond my comfort zones. Scary and exhilarating.

Instead of the usual list of resolutions, here’s a round up of the year’s highlights for me:

1. Over the last 6 months, I’ve lost 5 kgs and 4 inches, with just 3 weeks of exercise. Dont ask me how. I have no clue. Maybe it was running behind the kiddo! Maybe it was that I just gave up hope of ever getting back to normal.

2. The GameZen experience has been amazing, even if it is just supporting hubby from the sidelines. I’ve learnt so much about running a business, about startups, and the entrepreneurial journey. And along the way, I also learnt to create web pages, graphic designs, internet marketing, google ads, facebook fans. Stuff I never even knew existed a year ago.

3.  I quit my job. Because I wasnt growing. And because I wanted to take a break. It was scary. But its been worth it. I’ve learnt so much  in these last few months. I’ve grown so much as a person. Thoughts collected, recharged, with a fresh perspective, I’m now ready to head back. This time, I plan to factor in a sabbatical every 10 years or so. What say?

4.  I made it to IIMB. Even if I’d got nothing else at all from the MPWE course, just the 4 weeks stay on that campus would’ve been a reward in itself. But I got so much more. Including getting over my fear of excel sheets and financials. I’m now reasonably good <ahem!> with them.

5.  Kiddo. He makes me the proudest and the happiest Mom on earth. At 2, he can recite the national anthem. You just need to listen very very carefully for the key words, esp when he mixes it up with his favorite nursery rhyme of the day.

What were your highs through 2010?


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