Lessons from the Sun, the Sand and the Sandpit.

Lesson 1: Each day is a vacation. If you just take the time out to play.

Lesson 2: Playing in the sand ALWAYS feels good. At any age.

Lesson 3: Nothing in the world beats making  turtles and planes in the sand on a random Thursday morning.

Yesterday, I decided to take my 2 year old for a picnic. Out of the blue. I got the maid to pack some breakfast for us, some tea, and lotsa toys. Just like for a real picnic. And kiddo and I, head out for a picnic. It was his first picnic. He had no idea what ‘picnic’ meant. But he was excited all the same. And kept confusing it with ‘clinic’ and ‘doctor aunty’.

We just walked down to the lawns and the play area. And played. He romped in the grass. Stomped in the sand. Built all kinds of stuff including idlis and dosas from the sand and overall had a good time. I ran behind him for awhile and let him be at times. I sipped some chai and soaked in the sun.

Just like a regular picnic.

And we repeated it again last evening and this morning.

Bliss I tell you.

Just like having a vacation. Every single day.

The simplicity of it, took my breath away.

I’ve been wanting to go on a holiday for quite sometime. I’ve been wanting to take the kiddo on picnics, to the zoo, on road trips. But then, this isnt the US you know. We dont have easy access to such things here. And then other chores need to be done, stuff comes up; or hubby isnt around or it’ll be a long drive or, or or… something or the other.

There’s always some or the other reason ‘not to’. Not to do the things we want to. To step out of our comfort zone. To deny ourselves simple pleasures. And more often that not, that reason is just in our head. There’s always a way, if you really want to. And it’s simpler than you thought.

What really stops you from having a picnic every day?


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