The Sunshine Girl … and Bach…

The last few months have been about reclaiming my life. Rediscovering myself. The person I used to be.

It’s been a cold, overcast week. Grey and foreboding. And my mood reflected it.

Out of no where today, the sun came out. Perfect blue skies. A tuft of floating white cloud. And bright, warm sunshine. Lovely golden yellow warm, warm sunshine. Aaah………

So I chuck aside all the work. And do something I havent done in a long long time. Browsed my books.

First came “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. Hmm. And I see a little note there. April, ’97. OMG, its been 13 years! I sit in the balcony and let it wash over me. The book, and the sunshine. Soaking them both in. How apt. Just when I’m searching for myself again… along comes the seagull, my old friend. Reminding me, of the person I used to be. Of what I aspired to be. Of what I can be…

And that the only limits, are those that I chose.


One of the rare joys of being unemployed at the moment… I got to soak in the sunshine some more. I didnt want to go back inside. And so I sat there in the balcony, on my old trunk, soaking in the gorgeous blue sky.

There is something so enchanting about an endless blue sky…with just a few wisps of white.

And for a moment, I connect to the young girl I was. At 16. Walking back from school. Looking up into the infinite blue sky. With just a tuft of white. And loving it.

Nice to know we like the same things.


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