The Bridge Across Forever

Its been years since I read. Any book at all. Me, the certified book worm. The one who devoured 100’s of pages at a go. The one who ate, walked, and even slept with a book in her hand. And the last book I really read was 4 years ago.

And so I browse through “The Bridge Across Forever”. Reaching out for an old friend. To reach out to me again. I’m entwined in the world of airplanes and soul mates. Richard Bach and Leslie Parish.

I see a little note at the end

Summer, ’97.


Missing the person I havent met yet.

I was so in love with ‘them’. Richard Bach and Leslie Parish. Soul mates. Flight. Freedom. Perfection. They shaped the notions of love, of life, of soulmates, I had then. I devoured every book of Bach’s. I still have a copy of almost every title he’s written. I spent so many hours pouring over those words. And I remember being heartbroken when I found out that they divorced. After 22 years together! Ha!

As I browse through some beautiful passages, I find myself asking wondering about Leslie Parrish. What was her side of things. What was her story? She was soo perfect. Why would she choose to be with someone like him – the way he was when he met her? Always running away, careless, bankrupt. She, the perfectionist, the mature one. And yet they were happy together. For about 22 yrs ;-)

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