The girl from long ago

You know how somethings just trigger those trips down memory lane. And you relive it as if it were y’day….

“Contact” the movie is just running on HBO. And I’m transported. At 16, that’s what I wanted to do. Where I wanted to be. ala Jodie Foster, listening to the stars, searching for extra terrestrial life.

Instead at 32, I’m a software professional, with the best degrees, worked with some of the best Companies, a Gaming Lounge;  and now sitting at home with a broken leg and frantically searching for a maid to take care of my toddler and my house.

Not quite what I’d imaged all those years back. Heck, of all the wild dreams, I’d never ever thought life would be this way.

No, I’m not complaining. I hadn’t imaged life would be this way, but I’m quite happy with how it’s turned out. Yes, its not perfect, but its good.

And as the movie goes on, I’m drawn into it. To the excitement. The despair. The hope. I identify with her. All those years of devouring Dr Who tales; pouring over equations to quasars and stellars and black holes and white singularities. Trying to understand the fabric of space time. String Theory. Worm Holes. Anti-Matter. Quarks. Colors. Flavors. Stuff that I dove into 15 years ago.

And then moved away from.

I look back to those days, and its like I was a completely different person. Difficult to believe that it was the same me.

Know what I mean? Do you know what its like, to have changed so much?

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