..and I like my excercise

Someone I met mentioned how he hated going to the gym, but pushed himself to do it, rather grudgingly, because well, you have to maintain the weight.

That was a wake up call for me. I’m one of the few people who actually like to exercise. Plain and simple, I enjoy it. I like pushing myself to the limits. I like the discipline it enforces. I like the way my body feels afterwards – like a well oiled machine.

Yet I wasnt doing it. I wasnt exercising. I wasnt going for the walks that I so loved. There were always reasons, excuses, why I just couldnt. And I loathed myself for it. I hated the way I’d bloated up. I’d put on about 15 kgs and probably as many inches during and after my pregnancy.  My son was now 2 yrs old, and I hadnt even lost 2kg or 2 inches. More than the weight, it was about my self image. I felt that I’d myself. That life would never be the same again.

So way back in December last year, I kicked myself and would get outta the house every day for a 30 min walk. Nothing much. Just an early morning walk. Soaking in the cold breeze and the morning sun. 30 min, just for myself.

And lo and behold my body shape began to change. Jeans I’d bought just a month ago were becoming loose. Soon I needed a belt to hold ’em in place. Hmmm… Maybe I should start visiting the gym once in a way…

In Jan I started off with a simple 45min in gym. No fancy stuff. 15 min on the treadmill, 15 min light weights and 15 min abs. 4 days a week.  Hubby raised an eyebrow and very supportingly helped me “Er, you should focus on only one body part a day ie arms one day, shoulders one day, legs one day, abs one day” and he helped chart out a plan. Which I didnt follow beyond a week.

In the first 2 weeks of Jan with my basic work out, I lost a few more inches. It was like the flab was melting off. Or maybe it had just been water retention. I dont know. But I was thrilled. I wasnt a barrel shape any more! Hurray!!!!!!

And then I went overboard. By end Jan I’d moved from my 2.5 kg weights to 4 kgs. I upped the weights, and the reps. I started jogging on the treadmill. Now all my life, I’ve never been able to run / jog. I’ve always had breathing problems, more often than not, accompanied by an ankle or knee injury. Yeah, I’m a doctor’s delight that way. So I was really pumped that I could run and comfortably do bicep curls with a 5kg weight.  2 weeks of this and I was perpetually exhausted, the foot of my arch that I hurt ~1 yr ago flared up, and walking was painful. No gym for 10 days.

Feb for me has been stabilizing.  My body size and shape hasnt changed much this month. In between the spurt of interviews, I’ve had an erratic gym schedule, but I’ve still kept it up. I’m ~60% back to my BC form, and the last 40% is proving to be the hardest. But I can now fit into my BC (before child) jeans, trousers and some of the tops! And ALL the stuff I’d been wearing for the last ~3 years was now floating on me. I cant tell you how amazing that feels! :D

In the last 3 months I’ve probably lost a total of 6-8 inches at the waistline. I didnt measure so I dont know for sure. I did measure the weight regularly and shockingly found that I havent lost a single kg. Not one!  I cant believe it. I know muscle weighs more than fat.. but not a single kilo loss !!! Sheesh!

Part of me is stunned in disbelief. Because I’d given up hope of ever returning back to normal. On the other hand, it didnt take too much to get back into shape. No diets. No stressful work outs. No crazy stuff. And I’m kicking myself why the hell didnt I do this before.

But I’m loving it. Just the little routine of going to gym for 45 min, 3 times a week, has made such a difference. Not just physically. But mentally as well. It spills over to other aspects of life. Discipline.

I seriously think Tim Ferris’ 4 hour body pales in comparision ;)


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